dumb kismet client for Win32

dkc is a simple Kismet client for win32 (Windows XP).

dkc is freeware without any usage limitation. Enjoy!
Currently it is closed source.

Usage is intended to be intuitive.
Left clicking, sometimes right clicking, almost no keyboard. Welcome Generation Click.

I created dkc for my own usage and to meet my own demands.
Feel free to suggest features and fixes. Mail me at holger@hlembke.de.

Current version

0.5.6:0 -- 2007-10-26




Quick start



Cell Manager

Cells build a logical group of base stations. Multiple base stations and their clients are grouped into one "base station" node.

You can group any base stations into cells. It is only a dkc-side presentation of data and might not have any relation with the real world.

Cell view can be turned on/off via context menu.


Cell view can be turned on/off via context menu.